7th TEKNOPEN State Level Conference 2018

On the 17 October 2018, my collaborative partner; Mdm Jackellin Jee Majid and I were selected by the Technological Division Officers in our district to represent Kota Kinabalu to share an action research based on the use of the innovation in our respective subjects. Both of us were invited to share at a conference in SJK (C) Yuk Yin, Keningau during the parallel sessions. The teachers who attended our sessions were impressed with the efforts and congratulated us on coming up with such beneficial innovation. They found it to be easy to understand on its use and the objectives of how it helps pupils in the writing process. The District Officer of Keningau was also impressed with the engaging materials and commented that pupils nowadays would definitely love to learn in such a way that they are able to use their devices and fully engage with the Aurasma application and QR codes to enhance learning.

Reported by Mdm Olivia Geraldine Lazaroo

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