MELTA Kota Kinabalu Chapter National Level Conference

On the 16 November 2018, the merge of these innovations; ‘ThinkQ Grid — Think2B IDEAL’ were shared to educators by a team of three pupils. They were Isaac Emmanuel John F Isidore, Nathan Alexander Benny Dusti and Coleman Leong Yen Wei. They showcased their Project Based Learning on the topic they had chosen which was ‘Crime Scene Investigation’. They shared with the educators from various states and schools and other institutions of learning who came to attend the MELTA Kota Kinabalu Chapter at a National Level Conference. They explained how they used the pedagogical innovation over a period of time in order to work on their writing process and highlighted how they shared the outcome of their documentation of the crime scene to public readers on social media such as Reddit, Twitter and Instagram. The use of the Think2B IDEAL also captured the attention of the educators who came to listen to the explanation by the pupils as they could see how the pupils applied the approach in their learning process and show the relevance to their personal life and real world situations. They emerged as Champions in the National Level ‘Project Based Learning Carnival’ organised by Melta Kota Kinabalu Chapter.

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Madam Olivia Geraldine Lazaroo, Excellent English Language Teacher, Project Based Learning Carnival; MELTA Kota Kinabalu

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