“Together Transforming Education”

An International Conference and Exhibition with the theme ‘Together Transforming Education’ was held on the 21 to 22 November 2018 at the Sabah Federal Government Administrative Complex, Sabah. This conference and exhibition was organised by Tuaran District Education Office, Sabah. The theme was specially selected to suit our Ministry of Education’s (MOE) initiative which is to have schools transformation and sustain professional learning communities. During this exhibition, my collaborative partner; Mdm Jackellin Jee Majid and I together with a pupil of ours; Isaac Emmanuel John F Isidore showcased our innovation to educators and education district officers who came from different states in Malaysia and also other nationalities from Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Britain. Both the pedagogical innovation on ThinkQ Grid and Think2B IDEAL caught the attention of educators at our booth when given a comprehensive description on the use of the innovations. Isaac Emmanuel showcased his Project Based Learning on ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ which highlighted the importance of focusing on minor details in pictorial stimulus and how a single piece of essay was being worked on during a lesson cycle. He also showcased his essays on argumentative topics and explained how the Think2B IDEAL innovation assisted in writing better essays.

Reported by Mdm Olivia Geraldine Lazaroo

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