International Summit of Inovation and Design Exposition 2019 (InSIDE 2019)

On 29 – 30 April 2019, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya organised an International Summit of Innovation and Design Exposition 2019 (InSIDE 2019). This Summit will traverse industrial Revolution 4.0; which includes simulation, virtual reality, internet of Things (IoT), cyber security and cloud computing. The objective of this competition was to promote the sharing of knowledge, experience and innovation which will prove to be a catalyst in a close relation between communities of educators. Total entries sent in amounting to more than 200 innovation projects, which involves participants from whole Malaysia. There are 4 categories (Educator) have been contested in this competition:

1. Hardware Prototype
2. Software Prototype
3. Module
4. Framework

SM La Salle has participated in three categories, one innovation project in each of the categories of Hardware Prototype, Software Prototype and Framework respectively. The following was the results obtained by categories:

Award Category (Educator) Innovation Innovator (Leader)
PLATINUM Hardware Prototype METCON Wong Ken Keong
PLATINUM Software Prototype ELECTROCOMP Chua Chun Fah


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